Dual Dragons TaeKwon-Do

Stettler, Red Deer, Bashaw, Rimbey

We offer complete fitness programs for kids, teens, and adults that benefit your:  Mind - Develop greater discipline, concentraton and self-respect - Body - increase your flexibility, endurance and muscle tone.
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Dual Dragons TeaKwon-Do 7 Tenets

  1. 1
    "adhering to strict code of values"
  2. 2
    "to obey rules or code of behaviour"
  3. 3
    "a modest view of ones importance"
  4. 4
    "one's capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting upset"
  5. 5
    "to voluntarily give help to those in need"
  1. 1
    "the ability to know the difference between right and wrong"
  2. 2
    "performing a task despite the inherent difficulty in achieving it"


We offer complete fitness programs for kids, teens, and adults that benefit your: • Mind – Develop greater discipline, concentration, and self-respect • Body – Increase your flexibility, endurance, and muscle tone TaeKwon-Do is the modernized way of an old Korean art of self-defense or un-armed combat.  It was first developed 1300 years ago in Korea.  TaeKwon-do is the name of a Korean free-fighting, self-defense art that employs the bare hands (and feet) to repel an enemy.  In earlier times, people living simple lives were small, had limited strength and weapons were not available.  To compensate for limitations in their strength and lack of weapons, the people used TaeKwon-Do as a means of self-protection during enemy attacks.  Since TaeKwon-Do was developed in this nature, its activities are based on defensive tactics.  TaeKwon-Do, as well as  being a Martial Art, is also recognized as one of the most effective methods for improving health,  physical fitness, flexibility, balance and poise.

TaeKwon-Do training instills the desire to handle confrontation without violence except when the safely of oneself or others in ones care is in jeopardy.  When physical contact is unavoidable, TaeKwon-Do assures the safety of the student while minimizing injury to the attacker.  

The Korean work "Tae" means kicking, jumping, flying with the feet, "Kwon" means punching or striking with the fists, "Do" means art, technique or "way".  TaeKwon-Do the art of kicking and striking incorporates the abrupt, linear movement of Karate and the flowing circular patterns of Kung Fu with its own incomparable kicking techniques to form the most effective and scientific use of the body in methods of self-defense.